Esther Spielmann

Visual artist – Organic experiments

Esther Spielmann

About me

Esther Spielmann

I am a visual artist and a working ecologist.

Wool is the basis of my artwork. The material’s structure, its scent, its color, its tactility, its versatility and its durability inspire me to feel what I must express.

Over the years I’ve taken part in workshops with various felt artists to learn as much about felting techniques as I can. I further refined my techniques at the Dutch Felt Academy, where I also got closer to the story I want to tell. In 2018 I joined the Artless Foundation in Amsterdam which stimulates me to get to the core of what I have to express. Since I first consciously touched and shaped wool in 2008, I knew that I had found the material with which to express what I have to say. My art is about growth, connection and beauty. Welcome to my warm, wonderful world!

My CV in art

2018-2021: study at Artless Amsterdam

2015-2017: study at the Dutch Felt Academy

2015: “Pods” workshop with Andrea Graham at Atelier Fiberfusing

2015: Introduction to ecoprints with Irit Dulman at Atelier Fiberfusing

2014: “Shoes” workshop with Natalya Brashovetskaya at Atelier Fiberfusing

2014: “Boots” seminar with Natalya Brashovetskaya at Atelier Fiberfusing

2014: “Textured surfaces” workshop with Andrea Graham at Atelier Fiberfusing

2014: Dying workshop with Lentje van Hengel (

2013: “Dressmaking” seminar with Diana Nagorna at Atelier Fiberfusing

2012: “Artist’s Way” weekend at The Artist’s Way, Amsterdam

2010: Felt jacket workshop with Heidi Greb at Chris Esser’s studio

2009: Rough felting workshop with Della Lana

2008: Beginners’ felting course at the Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam